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The Genesis
of Zenith

Zenith was founded on the basis of integrating our dedication to philanthropy and the breakthrough that is the blockchain. We developed the innovations needed to bring social responsibility to the blockchain ecosystem by democratizing the way people invest. 

Our Story

The Zenith Ecosystem is the brainchild of Mr. John Hopkins, who's vision & values have always resided in philanthropy. With the rise of blockchain, we recognized the opportunity to develop a network with an aggressive agenda to bring sustainability to untapped communities. 


Our ultimate goal is to pioneer a new trend in DeFi derivatives and spread social responsibility to everyone involved within our ecosystem. We developed the Zenith ecosystem to enable an opportunity for anyone on this planet to join forces towards sustainability and receive rewards in doing so. 

This is a community led initiative with the Zenith X DAO at the forefront. We wanted to create an order that gives you the power to make vital decisions and operations. Zenith ZTA is the building block to the entire network, the gateway into our ethos. This gives you the accessibility into our inclusive alliance. Zenith+ was devoted to structuring the overall management of the DAO. Members who hold the governance token have the power to drive the spirit of our values and impact real communities around the world!


Staking & Rewards

When obtaining Zenith ZTA you have the choice to stake your tokens and join our ecosystem. By doing so, you are also indirectly maintaining price stability by limiting the circulating supply.


Once tokens have been staked in our Web3 Dapp, the holder is entitled to rewards that further incentivize long term adaptation through the use of smart contracts within our unique network. 


Real-World Impact.

Zenith ZTA was conceived on a humanitarian mission to East Africa in 2018. Since then, our founders have impacted hundred's of thousands of lives in untapped communities of African nations.

We have an aggressive agenda focused on bringing clean water and energy to every communities in need. By dividing social responsibility among everyone involved in our ecosystem, we can successfully launch sustainable initiatives through blockchain that are organized by you. So far, we have partnered with Sawyer Water Filters and installed over $100,000 worth of bucket filters across western Kenya. View our roadmap to follow our progress.

Our efforts

We are a Revolutionary Green DAO

For the first time, a community led DAO will be at the forefront of sustainability initiatives for our planet. Our ultimate goal is to bring blockchain access to the unreached by providing access to resources that would otherwise be unobtainable.

Zenith was designed to be a stable alternative to native cryptocurrency's that are not linked to a legitimate entity. Zenith marks a new frontier in the evolution membership based movements. It transcends the functionality of the digital currency, with the utility of maintaining and organizing a multi-layered approach to green projects.

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