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Welcome to


The Blockchain Enabled Solution To A Sustainable Future.

Join our ecosystem and unlock the ability to earn rewards and impact the world. 

Learn about the Zenith X Network and the new way to crypto.

What is Zenith?

The Zenith Network is a multi-dimensional ecosystem that is controlled by you. At the heart lies ZenithX, a community lead DAO that governs the network.


ZenithZTA is the next element of our cohesive foundation. The utility token is designed to be the gateway into our society.


Finally, Zenith+ gives the network order. As the governance token, holding this gives the power to you, the community to make proposals or vote on them.

How we leverage a clean energy initiative with blockchain.

Zenith was created to harmonize the new era of blockchain technology and expose the dyer need for sustainable resources. By facilitating a De-Fi autonomous network, we are enabling anyone on earth to participate in our real world initiatives.  A portion of all proceeds will go to the development of clean energy and water initiatives that you will vote and decide on through the use of our governance system.

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The Tokenomics

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Using ETH Technology

The Zenith network is built on the Polygon Network relying on smart contracts to set the foundational rules, execute decisions, voting, and other functions. Holders that stake their tokens will receive rewards directly to the dashboard using ERC-20 contracts that replaces paper and complex agreements.

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A First of its Kind

We created a truly groundbreaking blockchain-based ecosystem to solve the working capital requirements of sustainability in the unreached communities of the world. Our tokenized network is devoted to sustainability initiatives and long term stability.

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Stake and Earn Rewards

Our reward staking program was designed to reduce the total supply (free-float) by offering a generous incentive-based agenda that promotes price stability.

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Impact Fueled by Everybody

Everyone within the ZENITH X ecosystem will be indirectly involved with our sustainability initiatives. With a percentage of each token devoted to bringing clean water and renewable energy to underserved areas throughout the globe, the community will have the power to vote on what to tackle first.

Zenith X People Crypto Token Zenith ZTA

The Need for Community Controlled De-Fi with a green goal.

A smarter solution

While price volatility may be welcome and even desirable for short-term traders, it can be irritant for less aggressive or long-term investors. Zenith tokens combine the benefits and transparency of cryptocurrency with more traditional investment for long-term price appreciation and stability.


Discover the Zenith (ZTA) ecosystem.

Join us as we pioneer a path to sustainability for some of the most susceptible communities on the globe. 

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The numbers matter.


Needed to Sustainably Power the Continent of Africa.


ZTA Tokens Created


Worth of Water Filters Installed and Counting


Countries in Operation..


Lives Impacted and Counting

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