Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I buy Zenith ZTA?

Click on the portal tab and login or create an account. Then proceed to the buy now tab and follow the instructions.

What is Zenith ZTA?

Zenith is a token designed to connect users with commodities and earn rewards from real operations. With real world impact involving sustainability initiatives in the areas operated

What is the current status of Zenith ZTA?

Zenith is currently in the third phase of presales. Following this phase we will be public on various exchanges.

Is Zenith ZTA  decentralized

Yes, Zenith ZTA is facilitated by a  DAO. Headquartered in the Dubai, U.A.E.



How do I stake my Tokens?

When our token goes public, you will receive your deposit in Zenith ZTA to your wallet. You will then have the choice to sell, transfer, or stake directly into the Zenith Wallet where you will rewards based on how much is staked.

How does Zenith ZTA work?

Zenith is operated on the Binance Smart Chain, using BEP-20 Smart Contracts to fulfill the agreements at the time of purchase.

How do I buy Zenith ZTA?



You must choose one of the currencies accepted once you have logged into our portal.

When will Zenith ZTA become publicly traded?

Following the end of Phase 3 we will be available on most major exchange platforms.

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